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CHARACTER NAME: Calvin Zabo/Mr. Hyde/Cal Johnson
CHARACTER SERIES: Marvel Cinematic Universe
PLURK: stanwick (don't be shy if you wanna plot or just shoot the shit, I always like meeting new folks)


Backtagging: Sure!
Threadhopping: Talk with me first
Dropping threads: Sure! I know how life goes. We'll just chat out what happened, you know?
Fourthwalling: I'm kind of iffy about this? Maybe talk to me first. 
Offensive subjects: I'm...pretty good with everything? If you're unsure about something feel free to ask. I know this isn't terribly descriptive. No rape/CSA romanticization/kink stuff. I've played with other, heavier canons and I'm fine with exploring these traumas and discussing them in narrative though.   


Hugging this character: Yes.
Kissing this character: Yes.
Flirting with this character: Yes. 
General notes on romantic interaction: Cal is absolutely devoted to his wife. Feeling any kind of sexual or romantic attraction to another person makes him feel deeply ashamed. That being said, go for it! Just don't expect him to reciprocate or react positively. I am always interested in developing romantic/sexual attachments with Cal but it does take some work. 
Fighting with this character: Yes.  
Injuring/torturing this character: Feel free to knock him around. He IS an old man, though. So like, talk to me about how badly you wanna hurt him first.
Killing this character: Plot with me beforehand but I'm open to it. 
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Yes! Plot with me before so we can talk about what your guy picks up from him.
Warnings: Cal's got some issues. His backstory includes, ableism / gaslighting / emotional abuse / spousal abuse / forced drug use / nazis being nazis.

Things he's done on his own end: physical abuse, emotional abuse, torture, mass murder.

Also: he had a cult of wayward teens/young adults at one point in canon and by the time the show takes place only one of them is left and she's super messed up. To say the least.


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