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[3/11, evening]

[Days since the first changes:] 8

[Metabolism:] still off whack and not showing any signs of letting up. Continuously hungry. Appetite is particularly meat inclined. Been eating a lot of jerky. It's not that expensive and ideal for snacking at work. Textures of vegetables seem off today. Could be temporary preference, could be the start of a major dietary shift.

[Vital signs:] null.

Very cold and stiff in this weather. Have heard that wendigo can possess cold resilience. Still waiting on that to kick in. Aches generally all over but especially in jaw and teeth. Find that applying pressure via chewing on pens to offer some temporary relief. Closer inspection has revealed that the canines are indeed rotting. Should get some peppermints.

Keeping an eye on the torn flesh around the antlers, no signs of infection. They do itch like a bitch, though. 

[This isn't the first time he's missed the Hyde formula since he's come to this place. But tonight. specifically, he finds himself longing for the warmth. It burns a little when it goes down, settles warm in the gullet and spreads, blossoms. Euphoria. Delusions of invincibility and grandeur. All of this sounds wonderful to a tired old man hunched over his desk and wrapped in blankets.] 

[...Would his serum even work on him now?]

Other notes: Need to find new lodgings. Agreement with benefactors was that my stay would be temporary. They are understandably concerned about having a cannibalistic monster on their premises.


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